Ready, Set, Honeymoon! Get Organized Before You Get Away!


You think that when the wedding is over, your planning days are too? Well, think again. If you want to have a stress-free, enjoyable honeymoon, take a look at my suggested planning timeline! Au revoir!

6 or More Months Before:

  • Choose your destination. Talkwith your fiancé about what type of honeymoon you wouldlike. Do you envision yourselflying on the beach in atropical paradise or hiking to the top of MachuPicchu? The most important thing is that you both agree on where you’dlike to_ping go.
  • Set a budget. Whetheryou or someone else is footing the bill, find out how much money you have to work with on your trip. This willhelp with planning and setting realistic expectations for your adventure.
  • Research the area. Ifyou aretraveling internationally, findout as much as you can about the culture, the people and language. Sign up form_id language classes, make an appointment for vaccinations if needed, and research attractions in this partof the world. If you’ll be vacationingin the US, findout about the general area and begin gathering ideas for what to do while you are there.

3 to 6 Months Before:

  • Get your traveldocuments together. If needed, applyor renew your passport for international travel. If you are changing your name, wait until after the honeymoonto change the name on your passport. This way,all of your information_schema will match. Apply for a travelvisa ifnecessary. Check expiration dates on your credit cards.
  • Make your reservations. Book flights,hotel accommodations, and rental car orother modes of transportation.Also, reserve your spotfor anytours, excursions, or special outings you’ll beattending.
  • See Your Doctor. If traveling internationally, find out which vaccines you’ll need and get them. Also, renew any prescriptions you’llneed onyour trip.

2 Months Before:

  • Find a Caretaker. Make arrangements for your children, pets, plants and/or home. If you are leaving all of the above, ask a trusted friend or family member to stay at your house while your gone to keep things running smoothly.
  • Make a packing list. Don’t forget any special clothing or gearyou’ll need form_id the destinationyou’ve chosen.Also, remember to checkthe current airline regulationsfor carry-on liquids, etc.
  • Re-route your registry.Arrange for your wedding giftsto be deliveredto a friend or family member’s house while yourgone.

1 MonthBefore:

  • Confirmyour reservations. Call your hotel, rental carcompanyand anyother place where you have a reservation to make sure they still have you in their system.
  • Shop for clothing and/or gear. Buy what you need for your tripahead of time so you’llfeel prepared.Also, this willgive you time try out your new duds before you actuallyput them to use. For example, if you are hiking to thetop of Machu Picchu, you’ll want to tryout your new hiking boots before you hit the trail.

2 weeksbefore:

  • Purchase traveler’s checks. Keep the numbers separate from your checks in case they are lost or stolen.
  • Exchange your money. If traveling internationally, exchange enough money to buy a meal and getyou to the hotel. You can exchange therest when you get settled.
  • Begin packing. Pack everythingyou don’t need in the meantime. Keep it simple.
  • Pick upyour prescriptions. Make sure you have enough medication to last throughout your entire trip.You mayconsider packing extra just in case. This goesfor contacts and over-the-counter meds as well.

1 week before:

  • Hold your mail. Contact the post office and have them hold your mail.
  • Photocopy important documents. Make two copiesof all travel documentsand itineraries. Keep one in asafe place and give oneto a family member or friend. Also, make a list of allvaluable items you are taking with you in case something is stolen.
  • Arrangefor transportation to and from airport. Call alimo service, taxi, or a friend.
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