Rice Throwing Alternatives

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As fellow mywedding.com wedding blogger, Mary, said so eloquently: Rice throwing just shouldn’t happen anymore. Well, unless you would like to be pelted with small, hard objects. Then, by all means, go for it! However if you’d like your guests to throw something a little softer and less violent on your wedding day, opt for one of the following rice-free alternatives.

Bubbles – The is a well-known alternative to rice throwing today. Bubbles are fun, easy, affordable and pretty. Kids love ’em too. Actually, everyone loves bubbles! They’re a whimsical way of sending you off as Mr. and Mrs.

Birdseed – This may not hurt any less than rice, but at least the birds will enjoy themselves afterwards!

Living Creatures –You know, like butterflies or doves. This makes for a very dramatic exit! And don’t worry I looked into it – typically this is not an inhumane thing to do. The doves, for instance, have an uncanny ability to fly back home.

Tiny Rose buds – Dried rosebuds will definitely hurt much less than rice. They’re much prettier too.

Bells – Not to be thrown, but rather rang, by your guests as you make your grand exit. Yes, I think bells would smart a bit more than little specks of rice, so make sure your guests are sure that they’re to ring, not throw, the bells!

Lavender buds – Just the same as rosebuds, lavender buds are a sweet way to have your guests send you off as a married couple. This is a great rice-substitute since lavender buds are approximately the same size as rice, but are a little softer around the edges.

Sparklers – Another item not to be thrown at the newlyweds, sparklers are a fun way to exit your ceremony start – especially for weddings that take place around the 4th of July. Also, only choose this option if your guests will be outdoors when the sparklers are lit – you don’t want anyone lighting themselves on fire!

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