Ryan and Erica in New York City with Red Umbrella Photo

New-york-Pedi-Cab-newlyweds-82995new-york-subway-couple-kissing-82995new-york-subway-couple-kissing-82995nyc-couple-piano-82995newlyweds-nyc-hotel-82995newlyweds-nyc-hotel-82995newlyweds-nyc-couple-crosswalk--82995newlyweds-nyc-hotel-82995nyc-times-square-kissing-82995nyc-times-square-kissing-cross-walk-82995nyc-times-square-taxi-cab-82995When Erica Dyer and Ryan Shippy decided to build their wedding website on mywedding.com, they had no idea what amazing events would transpire. As a joke, Erica uploaded a picture of her favorite author, Karen Kingsbury (New York Times best-selling author and leader in Christian fiction), as her “Matron-of-Honor.” Following a surprise Karen Kingsbury-themed shower thrown by her friends and family, Erica sent an email to Karen with a link to her wedding website. Charmed by her young fan, Karen agreed to be in Erica and Ryan’s wedding, even writing them a poem that she read at the ceremony.

Erica wrote mywedding.com thanking them for providing the means for her and Karen to connect. Soon, mywedding.com and Zondervan, Karen’s publishing company, started talking and agreed to not only give Ryan and Erica a romantic getaway in New York City, but also to have Erica join Karen for an interview on NBC’s Today Show. During the trip to NYC, Erica and Ryan were treated to fun activities, such as a Broadway show. Mywedding.com even provided photographer Red Umbrella Photo to capture their adventures in the Big Apple.

We’re proud to say Red Umbrella Photography is a mywedding.com member.

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