The Secret Language of Wedding Undergarments

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After choosing your wedding gown, your next step is to find the perfect clothes to wear underneath your dress before your first fitting. The world of lingerie and intimate-wear can be daunting – especially if you’re used to wearing a sports bra and briefs on a daily basis. There’s a lot to think about when choosing wedding undergarments. And although your new husband will most likely get a peek of what’s under your wedding dress, you’ll want to choose your wedding day panties for their comfort and slimming effect rather than for romantic appeal. Read on for the full scoop.

The Bra – I trust that you know what a bra is and probably even have some experience wearing one if you are a woman. You may think you’ve got this department covered, so to speak, but the reality is that about 70% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Not to mention that when you’re buying a bra to accompany your wedding dress, you’ll have to find one that fits the cut of your dress in addition to finding a bra that fits you comfortably. My first recommendation is that you head directly to your nearest upscale department store and get fitted for a bra by a bra specialist (yes, they do exist!). Once you know your true bra size, the search is on for the perfect wedding bra.

  • Bustier or Corsette Bra – This is a great choice for a strapless gown. Most bustier and corsettes provide full-coverage over the abdomen. That way they’ll be no visible bulging where the elastic ends.
  • Long-line Bra – Also a good choice for a strapless gown since they are typically, well, strapless. They do not provide full coverage like a bustier, but provide partial coverage-about halfway to the navel.
  • Convertible Bra – Investing in a “convertible bra” is an option if you’d like to have a multipurpose bra that you’ll continue to wear even after the wedding. The straps unhook to wear with strapless garments. Simply reattach the straps later when wearing with regular clothing.
  • Adhesive Bra – Despite the image this provokes in your mind, adhesive bras work quite well and are perfect if you’re wearing a backless dress. Most adhesive bras last at least 12 hours–even for larger busted women.
  • Bra Attachments – Another idea for a backless dress is to wear a well-fitting bra you already own and adjust its fit by adding an attachment strap. The straps attach to the hooks in the back and clip onto the front of the bra pulling the back bra strap down below the line of your dress.

The Panty – Another undergarment that I’m sure you are familiar with is underwear. On your wedding day, wear well fitting undies that leave no visible panty line and that will not leave you adjusting them every five minutes (if you know what I mean).

The Body Shaper – While some brides will opt out of wearing this undergarment, body shapers are the modern answer to girdles for the rest of us. Having to “suck it in” is a little more comfortable than it used to be since, today, body shapers are typically made of strong nylon or Lycra. You’ll see many brands and types on the market, everything from full body suits to leg shapers. There’s a body shaper for any body shape or dress style.

The Hosiery – If you’re wearing pantyhose, choose a pair that blends naturally with your skin tone and is unassuming. Again, you’ll find many types to choose from–from the built-in control top to thigh highs. Contrary to what you may think, pantyhose are not a “must have item”-especially if you are getting married in the summer months. Most of all, it’s important to be comfortable and feel beautiful.

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