Southern-Inspired Bridal Shower Inspiration Board


Whenever a holiday weekend comes around, no matter what the holiday, I go into full-on baking mode. No cookbook is safe, no pan left clean. So as I was scouring my favorite cooking blogs for inspiration, I also found some great recipes for a Southern-inspired (and highly ladylike) bridal shower brunch. Between the Bourbon Sweet Tea cocktails (courtesy of my personal favorite food blog, Joy the Baker) and the super-adorable petit-fours, this menu is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Clockwise from top left:

Petit-fours: King Arthur Flour

Macarons: Coquette & Dove

Strawberries: Such Pretty Things

Spinach quiche: Smitten Kitchen

Lemon Bars: Jana Laurene

Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktails: Joy the Baker

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