Sponsored Post: The Perfect Day in Saint Lucia

A newlywed couple getting a message at a St. Lucia day spa.

Whether the day before your destination wedding ceremony or the first day of your honeymoon, our friends in Saint Lucia have mapped out the perfect day for your stay.

In the morning, hit the beaches early for a sunrise stroll. Sure, sleeping in is nice, but the sunrise over the island’s mesmerizing waters can’t be missed. For breakfast, skip the Raisin Bran and sample the local produce, including papayas, passionfruit, and pineapples.

Once you are ready to take on the day, set out for a hike around the Tet Paul Nature Trail. Although relatively quick to complete, this trail offers stunning views all the way to the neighboring islands of Martinique and St. Vincent.

A honeymoon couple hiking a trail up to the Pitons in St. Lucia.

Stop midday for a refreshment at the Cocoa Pod at the Fond Doux Holiday Plantation. The restaurant is set on the estate and is surrounded by palm trees and lots of sunshine. You can also tour the plantation’s trails and check out the many spices and flowers grown there.

Before the sun sets, don’t miss an opportunity to do some snorkeling around the coral reefs. You can rent equipment from your hotel or kiosks located right on the beach. Relax before dinner by indulging in a tranquil massage or facial at one of Saint Lucia’s many luxury spas.

Evening nightlife is to be enjoyed on Saint Lucia! Attend a local fish fry for dinner and don’t forget to sample the rum punch. You can keep things quiet and intimate at a Rodney Bay restaurant or dance the night away to calypso and reggae at the Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party.

Saint Lucia has so many different things to do, that you have endless options on how to schedule your vacation itinerary. Go here to find out more about Saint Lucia!

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