featured Herb Centerpieces & Details for Garden Weddings

Recently, I planted a small herb garden. It should be noted that I definitely do not have a green thumb. But, miraculously, the basil and lemon verbena and rosemary are thriving, and it’s very exciting to have not killed a... Read More

anemone wedding bouquet 10 Popular Wedding Flowers

Didn’t major in botany?  That’s okay. When it comes to finding the most popular wedding flowers, the search can get a little overwhelming.  And remember, you don’t have to be a flower expert to know which blooms you like, and... Read More

peony5 Pretty Peonies

Peonies just happen to be my favorite flower. They have an almost ruffled appearance to their petals, lending a gentle femininity to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece. Monochromatic peony arrangements, like the one above, can be striking and bold. Because... Read More