BiggestFakeWedding-435 copy The Biggest Fake Wedding in Atlanta, GA

The Big Fake Wedding is a fantastic combination of romantic ceremony and dynamic wedding show. This event in Atlanta featured both a vow renewal and an elopement amidst an array of industrial chic decor. The first couple featured is the... Read More

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Atlanta: home to hip hop, one very busy international airport and a recent wave of cultural re-discovery in the wake of the 1996 Olympics. This city is home to performing arts, musical inspiration in a diversity of genres and the... Read More

atlanta - article 1 - atlanta history center Historic Places in Atlanta

An antebellum-era city itself, Atlanta was established at the intersection of two major railroad lines in 1837. The city was originally a settlement called “Terminus,” then a town named “Thrasherville” before it was dubbed “Atlantica-Pacifica,” which was then shortened to... Read More

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Atlanta is an industrious city. It is filled with buildings and businesses, home to the busiest airport in the world and happens to have just a little bit less green space (read: parks) that the national average. But that doesn’t... Read More

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Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like Southern charm? Because we haven’t. In fact, whether we’re talking about the food, the friends or just a tiny bit of twang, we’re totally hooked. And, to be completely honest, these pieces... Read More

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We love our ballrooms. Yes, we do. But every once in a while, when we’re in a city with as much personality as Atlanta, we find ourselves and seeking out sites that have as much character, culture and history as... Read More