preppycollage The Ultimate Preppy Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

Last weekend a friend admitted to me that she had never seen “Heathers” or “Pretty in Pink.” As you can imagine, a double feature immediately followed.  And while watching all the delicious preppy glory of penny loafers, giant hair scrunchies,... Read More

bridal-shower-collage-copy Southern-Inspired Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

Whenever a holiday weekend comes around, no matter what the holiday, I go into full-on baking mode.  No cookbook is safe, no pan left clean.  So as I was scouring my favorite cooking blogs for inspiration, I also found some... Read More

white-cake-vase-white-flowers-22501 A Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower for your epicurean friend? Try a kitchen-themed shower! If the bride-to-be is addicted to the Food Network and has a pile of Gourmet magazines by the door, this may be just the party for her. For... Read More