couple-sitting-chairs-white-flowers-22501 Cancelled Engagement: The Announcement

If the wedding invitations or save-the-dates have already been sent, you do need to send an announcement as soon as possible. You can do this either by mail or by phone, whichever you prefer. Be brief and to the point.... Read More

centerpiece-pink-green-flowers-bird-22501 Cancelled Engagement: The Ring

First, if the bride was who ended the engagement, she absolutely needs to return the ring. This also applies if the ring is an heirloom or stone from the groom’s family. However, the waters grow murkier if the groom broke... Read More

New-york-Pedi-Cab-newlyweds-82995 Cancelled Engagement: Returning the Gifts

You must return all wedding gifts (including any given for wedding-related events, such as showers or engagement parties). Include a short note announcing that the engagement has been called off, but still make sure to thank them for the thoughtfulness... Read More