reception-table-red-white-candles-139488 First Meeting with Florist

As with most wedding vendors, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. Here are a few quick tips: Do your research ahead of time. Whether from their own websites or real weddings, check out examples of their work. When you... Read More

engagement-couple-rocks-purple-shirt-40306 Symbolism of Flowers

Particularly during the Victorian era, symbolism was an important part of the courting process.  Flowers had significant meanings and when a beau gave one, it was his own sort of hidden message to his sweetheart. When you plan your floral... Read More

reception-table-red-white-candles-139488 Floral Donations

Particularly at religious venues, wedding flower arrangements are often left there, as an additional donation to the church or synagogue. With this in mind, make sure that you don’t offend by having someone take the flowers with you to also... Read More

ceremony-pink-dress-petals-umbrella-22501 Your Floral Checklist

Below is a list of the most standard arrangements, bouquets, and other various floral products you will need for your ceremony and reception. Wedding Party: Bouquets for the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids Flower girl petals or flowers &... Read More

engagement-couple-walking-apple-orchard-81469 Prepare Your Guests

Whether you are having a religious service and inviting non-religious guests, or having a goth-inspired ceremony and inviting your conservative parents, you need to prepare those at your wedding for the unexpected. Use your program to explain any unfamiliar ceremony... Read More

signage-wedding-inspiration-board Cell Phone Reminder at Your Ceremony

Remember to ask your wedding guests to turn off their cell phones. Few people can say that they’ve never had an awkward moment where it slipped their mind to turn off their ringer and it caused an embarrassment. People are... Read More

reception-table-red-white-candles-139488 What Should be in the Ceremony Program?

What needs to be in the ceremony program? Include information about the service that some guests may not be familiar with.  For example, some religious ceremonies attended by non-religious guests may make your guests feel uncomfortable if they feel unprepared... Read More

reception-details-photos-display-family-22501 What is a Pew Card?

Pew cards are an optional enclosure in a wedding invitation that let a select group of family members and friends know that they are to be seated in a special section. If you want a guest to have a specific... Read More

Ask the Editor: How Much Music? Ask the Editor: How Much Music?

How much ceremony music is appropriate? There are several songs that I would like to incorporate, and I am having a difficult time narrowing them down. Nina, Ft. Lewis, WA Although the wedding ceremony will go be very fast for... Read More

Ask the Editor: Processional Music Ask the Editor: Processional Music

I really hate the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” and would prefer to play something else. Is that allowed? Elise, Montgomery, AL You can play anything you want. If you are concerned about people knowing it is time to stand... Read More

groom-parents-aisle-tan-dress-22501 Why Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Many couples immediately dismiss the idea of hiring a wedding planner because it sounds expensive. At the onset, wedding planning sounds simple. In reality, however, it can be very time-consuming. Ultimately, you have to decide how much your time is... Read More

bride-bridesmaids-tan-dress-22501 Questions to Ask When You Tour a Venue

Whenever couples visit their ceremony and reception venues, chances are they get caught up in the scenery and imagining all their details coming to life. So, before you sign off on the grand ballroom with the dramatic ocean view, make... Read More

New-york-Pedi-Cab-newlyweds-82995 Check the Venue’s Fine Print!

You enter the gardens and you know it this is the place! Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you read the fine print of any venue contract. Many venues, particularly those with catering services, will either require... Read More

signage-wedding-inspiration-board Guest Etiquette Basics

When you receive your invite, check your calendar, and if necessary, inquire with your work about time off, check into travel arrangements, etc. You should RSVP with immediacy. Do not let it sit in a pile with your other mail.... Read More