manregistryresize Invite the Guys to a Couple’s Shower from The Man Registry

When you mention the words “bridal shower” to most men, they’ll likely stop listening and resume watching the ball game. Showers don’t involve them anyway, right? Well, that certainly isn’t the case today. One great way to include the groom... Read More

07a What Theme Should You Use for a Couple’s Shower?

For the bride and groom that like to do everything together, couple’s shower themes are all the rage. No tea parties or negligees to be found, the couple’s shower is the modern-day evolution of the true meaning of marriage: blending... Read More

Throw a Couple’s Shower for Your Friends

Brides who are getting hitched in this era of non-conformism have the luxury of literally throwing any kind of couple’s shower they choose. Tradition has now become more of a theme during eve-of-wedding parties and less of an absolute. This... Read More