Kenya_blog Things to Do in Kenya

Our top four travel tips and things to do in Kenya: Start your trip by snorkeling and swimming in the Indian Ocean. Watamu National Marine Park is an excellent place to spot marine life. In this for the adventure? Pack your... Read More

tasmania Destination Wedding: Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania may seem like a destination wedding spot dangling on the edge of the world, but brides who choose to exchange their vows among some of Australia’s ancient forests, wildlife, and gorgeous landscapes will be amazed at their endless options.... Read More

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Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding

Destination wedding planning requires releasing control of the small details. Some challenges you encounter when planning destination weddings include coordinating travel among groups and dealing with the vendors. A written time table of tasks combined with destination wedding planning allows... Read More

Pros and Cons of a Holiday Destination Wedding

It may seem like you are doing your guests a favor when planning a holiday destination wedding; they won’t have to take unpaid time off, right? However, planning a destination wedding over a holiday weekend does have its pros and... Read More

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Throwing darts at a list of honeymoon destinations may be one way to select your honeymoon destination, but there are better methods available. Whether you take the rational method of listing honeymoon destinations or activities, or a more practical method... Read More