Handheld blueberry pie display for a wedding dessert table 5 Dessert Table Ideas from the mywedding Magazine

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01-collage Fun Groom’s Cakes

  Often groom’s cakes are more about the flavor than the decoration. It’s a chance to throw in a chocolate cake (or whatever is the groom’s favorite) alongside a traditional buttercream. But this selection of groom’s cakes has less to... Read More

cake and donut table Handheld Desserts and Dessert Table Displays

There’s something about a good dessert table. Whether it’s covered in cake or piled high with pies (just the thought of flaky, buttery crusts sends me straight back to the holiday season of the past several weeks!), this table is... Read More

portland copy Best Sweets in Portland, OR

Rumor has it that Portlanders are quick to skimp on dessert: in fact, we’ve heard claims that the average local will pick a plate of bacon over a buttercream-laden cupcake any day.  Fortunately, despite these cautionary tales, Portland has collected... Read More

doughnut-donut-inspiration-board-wedding Holey Matrimony: A Doughnut Inspiration Board

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