mini-quiche-copy mywedding Recipe of the Week: Mini Quiches

This simple recipe is perfect for an impromptu brunch! Thanks to allrecipes for sharing!   Ingredients: 12 slices bread 1 onion, grated 1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese 1 cup milk 4 eggs 1 teaspoon dry mustard 1 pinch black pepper... Read More

freezer-caramel-pie-recipe Recipe of the Week: Caramel Drizzle Freezer Pie

We are so excited to be partnering with AllRecipes with a new recipe each week! Check back each Friday afternoon to discover something delicious that you can make over the weekend. Caramel Drizzle Freezer Pie Ingredients: 2 (9 inch) prepared... Read More

diy-save-the-date Easy DIY Projects

These days, I’m all about DIY. From decorating my home to trying to convince you lovely people that DIY is the best, most satisfying (and possibly one of the more tried-and-true) ways to pull together a wedding, lately the details... Read More

shutterstock_95650984 Best Travel Gadgets

Let’s be honest getting to a destination via a long flight or layover can be boring. But for honeymooners logging some serious miles in the air, here are some new earth-shattering gadgets to make the time fly by (literally). From... Read More

puerto Puerto Rico: The Unique Honeymoon Destination

For the couple who likes to spend less time traveling and more time celebrating, Puerto Rico as a honeymoon destination is not only a short flight, but it’s also one of the world’s easiest islands to enjoy. From vibrant nightlife... Read More

groom-parents-aisle-tan-dress-22501 Why Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Many couples immediately dismiss the idea of hiring a wedding planner because it sounds expensive. At the onset, wedding planning sounds simple. In reality, however, it can be very time-consuming. Ultimately, you have to decide how much your time is... Read More