broken_china_necklace_robinsnestcreations1_ Green Bride Guide Shares Wintery Inspiration

The Bride and the Dress Look for gowns made from organic fabrics. Instead of buying a white dress, you can find beautiful ivory dresses for winter that look fantastic with warm winter floral bouquets in shades of deep red and... Read More

blue_bird_nesting_bowls Green Bride Guide Shows Us Great Gift Ideas

Check out these products from the Green Bride Guide Registry. These are the top holiday editor’s picks for 2011! For the cheese enthusiast: fromage cheese board This cheese board is made from 100% recycled stainless steel and comes with two... Read More

green-weddings-registry-bowls-weddingplanninginstitute-new Green Bride Guide Brings Us Earth-Friendly Gift Ideas

There is no limit to unique eco-conscious gifts for your favorite green bride! Many businesses cater to those that covet sustainable products and they do their absolute best to ensure that you are receiving quality products from fair trade organizations.... Read More

broochbouquet Green Bride Guide Suggests Flower Alternatives

Flowers are a traditional wedding day staple. Nothing says romance like a centerpieces filled with red roses or a bouquet filled with carnations and lilies. Unfortunately, those beautiful arrangements only last one day, and often eat up a good portion... Read More

registry-wedding-gift Register Green with Green Bride Guide

Registering for wedding gifts is a great way to ask guests for items that you and your spouse would like to start your new life together. Creating a green registry is a great way to get the things you need... Read More

greenflowerstogether Green Your Flowers by Green Bride Guide

Choosing the right flowers for your ceremony, reception and bouquets can bring a splash of color and life to your special day. Sadly, many conventionally sold flowers are coated in toxic chemicals and are often shipped from other parts of... Read More