26-couple-cut-cake-white-purple-pink-flowers-22501 Bridal Shower Invite Info

What should be included on the invitation: The name of the person hosting the shower The time, date, and location RSVP info, including the date you wish to receive RSVPs by Any theme information if it will require something unique... Read More

Bridal Shower Guest List

You can invite as many people as you want provided that they are invited to the wedding and the guest list size has been determined by the hostess.  The hostess may ask for the bride’s input on what guests she... Read More

engagement-couple-kissing-apple-81469 How Many Bridal Showers?

With the exception of any special types of bridal showers like those hosted by co-workers, or those conducted out-of-town, you really should try to limit it to one gathering.  Hosting showers can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is best... Read More

Best Men: Tips for the Toast

Photography by Linczak Photography The bachelor party is over and now it is time to write the dreaded toast. You knew this was coming. As best man, the trade-off for the awesome party last night (and getting your pick of... Read More

Registering for Gifts – The Real Way!

Photography by Pilster Photography – see more at www.pilsterphotography.com   When my husband and I were engaged, a friend of ours told us to beware the wedding registry process because it has been known to cause arguments between couples. We... Read More