aisle-multicolor-flowers-white-chairs-22501 Ask the Editor: Honeymoon Registries

My fiancé and I are both in our mid-thirties. Between the two of us, we have everything we need for our home, but would love to take a long honeymoon. I saw an online honeymoon registry and was intrigued. Are... Read More

09-bride-groom-bodies-facing-eachother-ceremony-91495 Gift Registry Basics

Gift registries are a tricky balance.  You want to make sure that your gift registry is easy, respectful, and well-organized. Here are a few helpful tips: Register for a wide variety of items. Don’t be afraid to break out of... Read More

bucket-umbrellas-chairs-fans-22501 Charity Registries

Especially for those getting married after they have already set up their own households, gift registries can sometimes feel unnecessary. For some, a charity may be a great way to go. A couple of simple rules when opting for charitable... Read More

Registering for Gifts – The Real Way!

When my husband and I were engaged, a friend of ours told us to beware the wedding registry process because it has been known to cause arguments between couples. We had a good, condescending laugh at anybody that could let... Read More