blue nile Cute Accessories Round-Up: Lockets

No accessory is quite as delicately feminine as a locket! So if you are looking for a gift to give your ladies that they will wear again and again (unlike that peach number you are asking them to rock), here... Read More

lonelyheart4 Etsy Feature: The Lonely Heart

Ready for a little shabby chic DIY inspiration? The Lonely Heart has great supplies to help you make your DIY decor pieces and favors. This Christmas ornament favor is just one idea they feature using their frayed ribbon! The Lonely... Read More

lillian-little-doll-heart-pink Lordy-They’re-Cute Proposal Dolls from Momiji

So I was finally coming down from our big announcement this morning and then I ran into these Momiji dolls and now I’m all excited again (no need for caffeine when you’re a wedding blogger…). Aren’t they the cutest? And... Read More