family toasting on Northern California coast 5 Tips for Holidays & In-Laws

With Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season, this might be your first time navigating the sometimes tricky waters of celebrating with new family and friends. Here are a few simple tips to making sure your holidays are filled with peace,... Read More

red white and blue wedding inspiration Weekend Links | July 4

Happy Friday – and happy Fourth of July! We hope your day is filled with sunshine, celebrations, and lots of red, white and blue. And because we kind of heart this holiday, here are a few of our favorite Fourth-inspired... Read More

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Especially during this time of year, we can’t get enough of silver and golden glow! These magnificent cakes all look like something King Midas would absolutely approve of. From stripes to chevrons, metallic patterns can make a gorgeous statement, even... Read More

photo-6 Newlywed Perspective: Easter Fun

Spring is definitely in the air. Warmer weather, longer days and tulips for sale at every grocery store I’ve been to…not to mention last weekend’s Easter holiday, which is generally a day filled with pastel colors, fresh flowers and hunting... Read More

anne-tree Newlywed Perspective: Valentine’s Day

You see that green thing in the photo up there? The sad, lonely, abandoned tree lying on its side on the ground? Well, that poor little fir used to live in our living room. He was covered in lights and... Read More

christmas-tree-gifts Newlywed Perspective: Christmas Reflections

Christmas this year reminded me of planning a wedding. See, my family puts a lot of time, energy and preparation into Christmas. We plan and we prep and we build on traditions that we’ve already spent years creating…and then Christmas... Read More

wrapping-thelittlethingswedo Christmas Wrapping Inspiration Board

I love presents. There, I said it. No more pretending! I know that at a certain age (which I have long since passed) you should stop loving presents so much and instead embrace the greatness of the holiday spirit, and... Read More