taylor lord photo 5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your day – and the part that you’ll treasure forever as the documentation of all the details and emotions in your celebration. While photographer’s rates and availability are very... Read More

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Planning a wedding starts with one simple thing: a proposal. From that point, things get just a little bit more complicated. Intimate gathering or large celebration, it’s true that your wedding day will have to involve a few of the... Read More

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There’s just something about a Texas wedding. Between the open fields and ranch-style venues, and the historic, modern, and downright beautiful options in its major cities, the Lone Star State has it going on. Which means, San Antonio, that we’re... Read More

bbq-bash-wedding-inspiration-board Photo Sessions Explained

Engagement—Photo session that usually highlights the couple’s personality. Locations can vary from the photographer’s studio to popular tourist spots in their hometown.  The dress is generally more casual than other wedding-related photo sessions. Bridal Portraits—The dress is the star.  For... Read More

mocha-blue-wedding-color-board When to Take Wedding Pictures

Often, the easiest time to take the wedding party pictures is before the ceremony.  The makeup and hair is impeccable, the suits haven’t wrinkled, and the guests haven’t arrived.  Photographers can also take what is known as “first look” pictures—the... Read More

couple-sitting-chairs-white-flowers-22501 What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Be yourself. Select clothes and makeup that look like you. Don’t wear red lipstick if you normally never use anything but lip balm. You want your friends and family to both recognize you and think that you look fantastically in... Read More

orand-black-wedding-color-board Like Your Photographer

While you are meeting with photographers and looking at their portfolios, don’t forget to engage them in conversation.  Your photographer will be the wedding vendor that you have the most amount of contact with.  If you can’t stand the photographer,... Read More

Don’t Worry…We Hired Uncle Bob!

Photography by Parris Whittingham – see more at www.pswhittingham.com I recently photographed Gus & Laura’s wedding. Unlike many traditional couples, they decided to have a smaller celebration. The result was an intimate evening that was altogether personal and touching. I... Read More

The Secret Sauce of Great Wedding Photos

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Choosing a Photographer That Fits You

  Next to saying your “I Do’s” with your spouse; your photographer will be one of the most important parts of your day. In many instances, the planning takes place nearly a year or more in advance and when the... Read More

Photographer Expert Talks About Photographer Assistants

Photography by Cameron Ingalls Question: Why should I hire a photographer with an assistant? Photographer Expert, Cameron Ingalls’ Answer: Many magazines these days include a checklist of questions to ask your potential photographer. One of those questions is, “Do you... Read More