Palmeri_Trimm_AMC_Photography_10241599_low copy 5 Online Tests to Strengthen Your Relationship

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Sure, the two of you could go paint the town tonight, but doesn’t staying in sound so much better?  Often easier on the budget, date nights spent in your own home also allow you to communicate better (and more comfortably–yoga... Read More

featured Romantic Quotes About Love & Marriage

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This year, thankfully, February 14th falls on a Saturday.  A holiday celebrating romance should just never fall on a week day. Ever.  Because “No more wine for me, honey. I have to get up early,” is a total bummer.  So,... Read More

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Prenups aren’t just for pop star divas and action movie heroes. It’s for any couple that wants to protect their individual assets and wants a plan in place if the marriage dissolves.  Is this a super cheery topic?  Nope.  But... Read More

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