anne-tree Newlywed Perspective: Valentine’s Day

You see that green thing in the photo up there? The sad, lonely, abandoned tree lying on its side on the ground? Well, that poor little fir used to live in our living room. He was covered in lights and... Read More

anne-dog Newlywed Perspective: The Dog Sitter

This weekend we got to try something new: puppy-sitting. Yes, that sweet, brown-eyed, shiny-coated little girl in the photo above, who lives with my parents and responds (most of the time) to the name “Dagny,” got to come visit Aunt... Read More

10-bride-and-groom-in-aprons-with-food In a Rut? Take a Class!

Has wedding planning turned you into a crazy person? Are your besties complaining that they never get to see you anymore? Take a break and grab a friend and find a fun class in your area. Chances are you will... Read More

photo Bride’s Perspective: Engagement Excitement

I came to a conclusion this weekend. Shayne and I were at a friend’s wedding (In Malibu. At the Sunset Restaurant. Picture above, and if I hadn’t taken it with my iPhone, you might actually be able to tell how... Read More