momber_600px Newlywed Perpsective: Married Decisions

Married life is different than single life. There might be a few of you out there wondering if it has truly taken me seven months (and three days. Not that I’m keeping track or anything.) to realize this. Don’t worry,... Read More

anne-hearts Thoughtful Homemade Valentine’s Day Projects

Happy Valentine’s Day, Delightfully Engaged! I hope each and every one of you has a day filled with love and happy thoughts and lots and lots of chocolate. Flowers are good too (just as the roses sitting on my dresser... Read More

anne-sign-resize Newlywed Perspective: Anne Goes Snowboarding

This weekend was something special: our first opportunity to celebrate a birthday since we’ve been married! It was Shayne’s birthday and, because he somehow always, no matter how simply he approaches it, manages to make my birthdays memorable, I knew... Read More

img_4592 Newlywed Perspective: Sharing Common Interests

Last week I talked about grocery shopping. And, kind of, meal planning (or my decided lack thereof). In light of that blog post, this blog post might seem a little strange, especially if my slightly disgruntled attitude towards groceries gave... Read More

mombernov Newlywed Perspective: Anne + Excel = BFFs

I’m here today to talk about everyone’s favorite thing: money. Or, more specifically: budgets. Okay, so maybe neither of these things are really anyone’s favorite thing. But sometimes they’re both kind of an important thing…or so I’m learning. I’ll admit,... Read More

photo Newlywed Perspective: Holiday Traditions

Happy Halloween, Delightfully Engaged! I’ve been wondering, in light of the current holiday, what planning a Halloween wedding would have looked like…if it simply would have been a collaboration of fall colors and leaves (and pumpkin-flavored foods, which I seem... Read More