anne-sign-resize Newlywed Perspective: Anne Goes Snowboarding

This weekend was something special: our first opportunity to celebrate a birthday since we’ve been married! It was Shayne’s birthday and, because he somehow always, no matter how simply he approaches it, manages to make my birthdays memorable, I knew... Read More

mombernov Newlywed Perspective: Anne + Excel = BFFs

I’m here today to talk about everyone’s favorite thing: money. Or, more specifically: budgets. Okay, so maybe neither of these things are really anyone’s favorite thing. But sometimes they’re both kind of an important thing…or so I’m learning. I’ll admit,... Read More

Newlywed Perspective: Anne Tackles Her Thank You Notes

This past weekend, we received another wedding gift. Which is awesome. And surprising. And still awesome. Awesome because these gifts make Shayne and I feel incredibly loved and supported by our friends and family. Surprising because we’ve been married for... Read More

Newlywed Perspective: Anne’s Sick Day Adventure

This week, fate sent us a new adventure in married-ness: being sick together. Fortunately (because we’re both busy as heck, just like I’m sure all of you are!), it was just a couple of head colds. Unfortunately, head colds are... Read More