mizerowski_smith_scobey_photography_smithwedding0025_low Etiquette Dilemma: How Do I Pick My Bridesmaids?

I’m getting married in two years and I’ve met a lot of friends within my college career because I’ve transferred twice already. How do I politely get around not having everyone in my bridal party? Wedding planning would be so... Read More

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Did you know that we have a planning and etiquette guide to help you with all of your burning questions? Go here to find answers on everything from how to stay on budget to whether or not you really have... Read More

hillarytravis_wedding-64 What is Your Love Language?

Last week our newlywed blogger, Anne, wrote about the book “The 5 Love Languages.” I had totally forgotten about that book! I read it for a psychology class in college and couldn’t remember which love language I was. Being a... Read More

apparel Wedding Etiquette Questions Answered!

Planning a wedding can often feel like walking in a field full of landmines, right? Chances are you have more questions than answers when it comes to everything from whether or not your groom should be more communicative with his... Read More

anne-games-resize Newlywed Perspective: A Game of Catch

Hello, engaged ones! I hope you’re all happily in the midst of planning your weddings (looking at dresses, floral arrangements and dessert tables to your hearts’ content) and enjoying the fact that spring (and all the tulips!) is in full... Read More

momber-333-resize Newlywed Perspective: Wedding Planning? Don’t Panic

Last week I received an email from my future sister-in-law that held a note of…well…stress. Or two. She’s working through the preliminary wedding-planning decisions and getting all kinds of conflicting information from the people around her (sound familiar, Delightfully Engaged?)... Read More

photo-2 Newlywed Perspective: Acquiring New Skills

Sometimes I feel like I go for weeks (or months, or longer) without learning anything of true, lasting value. And sometimes I feel like all the things I’m supposed to learn just line up and then I have to sort... Read More

momber_600px Newlywed Perpsective: Married Decisions

Married life is different than single life. There might be a few of you out there wondering if it has truly taken me seven months (and three days. Not that I’m keeping track or anything.) to realize this. Don’t worry,... Read More

anne-hearts Thoughtful Homemade Valentine’s Day Projects

Happy Valentine’s Day, Delightfully Engaged! I hope each and every one of you has a day filled with love and happy thoughts and lots and lots of chocolate. Flowers are good too (just as the roses sitting on my dresser... Read More

dsc_0033 Newlywed Perspective: Sibling Engagements

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my younger brother got engaged (that’s him and his fiance right there in the photo!). Well, since then, I’m pretty sure that all I’ve done with my life is look at wedding... Read More

anne-sign-resize Newlywed Perspective: Married Adventures

This weekend was something special: our first opportunity to celebrate a birthday since we’ve been married! It was Shayne’s birthday and, because he somehow always, no matter how simply he approaches it, manages to make my birthdays memorable, I knew... Read More