mombernov Newlywed Perspective: Wedding Planning + Excel = BFFs

I’m here today to talk about everyone’s favorite thing: money. Or, more specifically: budgets. Okay, so maybe neither of these things are really anyone’s favorite thing. But sometimes they’re both kind of an important thing or so I’m learning. I’ll... Read More

photo Newlywed Perspective: Holiday Traditions

Happy Halloween, Delightfully Engaged! I’ve been wondering, in light of the current holiday, what planning a Halloween wedding would have looked like, if it simply would have been a collaboration of fall colors and leaves (and pumpkin-flavored foods, which I... Read More

Newlywed Perspective: Tackling Thank You Notes

This past weekend, we received another wedding gift. Which is awesome. And surprising. And still awesome. Awesome because these gifts make Shayne and I feel incredibly loved and supported by our friends and family. Surprising because we’ve been married for... Read More

Newlywed Perspective: Sick Day Adventure

This week, fate sent us a new adventure in married-ness: being sick together. Fortunately (because we’re both busy as heck, just like I’m sure all of you are!), it was just a couple of head colds. Unfortunately, head colds are... Read More

photo Newlywed Perspective: The Big Move

Moving is hard. Very hard. And tiring. Very, very tiring. Somehow, in the midst of planning our wedding, I completely forgot that at the end of it I would have to box all of my worldly belongings up, truck them... Read More

21-closeup-white-rose-pictures-22501 Ask the Editor: Help! My parents don’t like her!

My parents don’t like my fiancee. They don’t really have a legitimate reason, other than that they just pictured me with somebody different. My family is really casual and very outdoorsy, and Heather is very girly and prefers shopping to... Read More

engagement-couple-walking-apple-orchard-81469 Groom as Family Spokesperson

One of the main duties a groom must do is communicate well with his family. Direct communication between all parties is best, but sometimes there are misunderstanding or delicate issues, and it is critical that the groom take charge in... Read More