photo Newlywed Perspective: Anne and the Big Move

Moving is hard. Very hard. And tiring. Very, very tiring. Somehow, in the midst of planning our wedding, I completely forgot that at the end of it I would have to box all of my worldly belongings up, truck them... Read More

21-closeup-white-rose-pictures-22501 Ask the Editor: Help! My parents don’t like her!

My parents don’t like my fiancée.  They don’t really have a legitimate reason, other than that they just “pictured me with somebody different.”  My family is really casual and very outdoorsy, and Heather is very girly and prefers shopping to... Read More

engagement-couple-walking-apple-orchard-81469 Groom as Family Spokesperson

One of the main duties a groom must do is communicate well with his family.  Direct communication between all parties is best, but sometimes there are misunderstanding or delicate issues, and it is critical that the groom take charge in... Read More

sweet-favors-wedding-inspiration-board How to Ask if Your Parents can Contribute to Your Wedding

First, how this conversation goes varies greatly on your relationship with your parents.  If, for example, you have always been close with them, and everyone is honest and direct, you really don’t need this question answered for you.  Approach them... Read More

bride-bridesmaids-tan-dress-22501 Ask the Editor: Bridesmaids and Family

My fiancé and I both have two siblings.  My two brothers will be groomsmen.  One of his sisters will be a bridesmaid, and the other one I chose not to invite.  I don’t know her that well, and as this... Read More

ivory-maroon-wedding-color-board Friends Left Out of Your Wedding Party?

Unfortunately, it is hard to avoid hurt feelings at any wedding.  Inevitably, any event with that much emotion and protocol surrounding it is going to offend someone at some point.  Which is not to say that you should shrug that... Read More

groom-bowtie-white-flower-22501 Cancelled Engagement: Graceful Answers

So, the wedding is cancelled and the engagement is off.  All the bills have been split and details settled.  And now, you have to face curious acquaintances chomping at the bit to get the juicy details.  Of course, it is... Read More

couple-sitting-chairs-white-flowers-22501 Cancelled Engagement: First Steps

Immediately tell your family and everyone involved in the wedding that the engagement is off.  Likely, most costs your family and wedding party members have associated with the wedding can be recouped, to some degree, given enough notice.  Although this... Read More

The Man Registry with Newlyweds and Finance

Photography by Viera Photographics Many newlyweds have financial questions…the guys at have answers. Statistics say that finances are the number one topic that married couples argue about (think about some of the couples that you know and you’ll realize... Read More

I (Still) Do!

Photography by Anna Kuperberg – see more at Beautiful flowers, elegant music, heartfelt vows, the gathering of friends and family to witness the joining of two people. Are you thinking of a wedding? Although it does describe the elements... Read More

The Man Registry with The Bro vs Bride Battle

Photography by Jeff Newsom You’re a groomsman? Great! But what if you don’t like the bride? As a groomsman or best man, you are expected to support the groom and stand by his side as he marries the woman of... Read More