Adams_Heil_Lovely_Valentine_Photography_SarahBobby69_low copy 5 Ways to Keep Sane During Wedding Planning

You haven’t even been engaged for very long and you already feel your patience beginning to fray with this whole wedding planning thing.  You want to enjoy the planning process, but you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas, selecting vendors, and... Read More

Basler_Murphy_NeriPhoto_NeriPhoto018_low copy Tips for Combating Wedding Day Jitters

It’s your wedding day!  And unfortunately, you’re a tiny bit of a wreck. Whether you are nervous, overemotional, or just super duper excited, wedding day jitters are very common. Here are a few tips to calm you for your walk... Read More

disneyland-wedding-0044 Handle Last Minute Details with Ease!

You thought that once you had chosen your venue, found the dress, and selected your wedding cake, you’d be able to put your feet up and breathe a little. But no such luck. Between bracelets for the bridesmaids and ribbons... Read More

sweetheart table during vineyard wedding 5 Ways to Simplify Your Wedding Planning

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keep-calm-and-plan Keep Calm and Plan This Wedding

I’m guessing this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a “Keep Calm” poster. I know I’ve seen them everywhere over the past several years (and, in fact, have a small “Keep Calm and Carry On” notebook on my shelf) and... Read More

photo-94-copy Helping Plan a Last-Minute Wedding

Okay, so I’ve definitely mentioned those two lovebirds in the photo above before. What can I say? I kind of love them. It helps that I’m related to one (yep, that’s my baby brother!) and have been convinced that the... Read More

adriana-klas-photography-8921 Let’s Discuss: Wedding Planning Stress

If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are, in some way or another, involved in planning a wedding (or at the very least daydreaming about planning a wedding). And if you are planning... Read More

01-collage Have a Little Fun with Gifts from Knock Knock!

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img_1904-17 Aromatherapy for Stressed Out Honeymooners

Aromatherapy can play a large role in reducing stress for honeymooners who are going to travel by plane, boat, or car to their exciting destination. Layovers, flight delays, heavy traffic, and, yes, even eager anticipation can wreak havoc on a... Read More

momber-333-resize Newlywed Perspective: Wedding Planning? Don’t Panic

Last week I received an email from my future sister-in-law that held a note of…well…stress. Or two. She’s working through the preliminary wedding-planning decisions and getting all kinds of conflicting information from the people around her (sound familiar, Delightfully Engaged?)... Read More