05 5 Awesome Groomsmen Attire Ideas

First, for the most part, play it simple when it comes to the suit. Stick to dark or neutral fabrics to keep it as basic as possible before adding the following flair: Crazy boutonnieres. Many different florists and Etsy vendors... Read More

vintage-engagement-couple-apple-farm-81469 How to Pick Your Ushers

Often a couple will pick men to serve as ushers who didn’t make the cut to be groomsmen, or they simply ask some of their groomsmen to serve double-duty. An usher plays a critical role is helping to set the... Read More

The Man Registry on Choosing Groomsmen

Photography by Jeff Newsom – see more at www.jeffnewsom.com Choosing friends or family to be in your wedding party is a very important decision. Asking someone to stand next to you on your wedding day is an honor that is... Read More