Best of mywedding Award 2015 Here Come the Best of mywedding Awards

It’s almost that time of year…the holidays are past, 2015 is well on its way (how are your New Year’s resolutions going? Better than ours, we hope) and a certain rose-petal and chocolate-covered holiday is right around the corner. Basically,... Read More

unique fall flower arrangement by Lale Florals Three Steps to Say Thank You to Wedding Vendors

It’s true that weddings are really about the happy couple – and the celebration they’ve planned. However, it’s also true that no wedding would be complete without the hardworking minds and hands that help bring it all together. Whether you’re... Read More

same sex wedding ceremony Sharing Values with Vendors

Weddings are often filled with compromises or difficult decisions or delicate feelings.  And that’s just with family.  Why would you want to complicate matters further by hiring wedding vendors that don’t share your values, beliefs, or philosophies? Whether you are... Read More

wedgewood Have Some Fun in the Sun at Your Ventura, CA Wedding!

Ventura is well known among Southern Californians as a prime surfing spot. Consistent waves and sunny weather make for definite water-front appeal, Rincon Beach is hailed at one of the top surfing beaches in the world. However, we know that’s... Read More

south wales Get Married in South Wales

South Wales is home to miles upon miles of craggy shoreline, seaside resorts and rolling, castle-strewn hills – which is perfect, because from sleepy towns to coastal activities these details make the area an exceptionally beautiful place for you to... Read More

historic barns of nipmoose Having a Saratoga Springs Wedding? Start Here!

The performing arts center is world-famous, the local mineral springs enticed the King of Spain to visit in their 1800s heyday, and the city is home to the oldest thoroughbred race track in the country. Downtown is artsy and laid... Read More

georgetown Plan Your Wedding in Queens, NYC

From Brooklyn to Manhattan, the sweep of New York City and its five boroughs is huge. Which means that wedding planning brides and grooms have one thing to keep in mind when putting together the details of their special day:... Read More

ZHEYAN_W_ How to Find the Right Band or DJ

From cheesy DJs to drunken bands (as evidenced in The Wedding Singer) everyone knows how much these vendors can influence the mood of the reception, especially when things go bad. But when these guys are great, they make it look... Read More

centerpiece-pink-green-flowers-bird-22501 Ask the Editor: Tipping Your Vendors

Do I have to tip my wedding vendors? If so, who do I tip and how much? Tifanie, Honolulu, HI Yes, there are people involved with your wedding that you need to tip. If you have a wedding coordinator, ask... Read More

reception-table-red-white-candles-139488 First Meeting with Florist

As with most wedding vendors, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. Here are a few quick tips: Do your research ahead of time. Whether from their own websites or real weddings, check out examples of their work. When you... Read More

13 Ask the Editor: Florist vs. Floral Designer

Are floral designers more experienced or qualified than florists? Monica, Kissimmee, FL No, they are usually two different jobs and you should not infer anything about experience or qualifications in comparing them.  Typically, florists work out of their own shop.... Read More

orange-yellow-cream-wedding-color-board What is a Cake-Cutting Fee?

Many reception venues charge cake cutting fees, often at an average of about $2 per slice. Although that doesn’t sound like much, for larger weddings this can add hundreds of dollars to an already stretched budget. Commonly, cake cutting fees... Read More