Tips For Color Matching and Balance

I am doing Eggplant and Cornflower, Eggplant being the main color- how can I use cornflower as my accent color without everything being too matchy, matchy? – Karen Marie, Facebook fan Dear Miss Marie,You have selected a very rich and... Read More

Thrifting Antique Silver Pieces for Stunning Centerpieces

Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue And something silver for you! If you’re meddling around thrift stores, antique markets and garage sales you can easily find fabulous personalized touches. Treasures such as vintage silver plated tea sets, sugar... Read More

William Fogler on How to Handle Unexpected Guests

How do you handle unexpected guests who show up on the wedding day? – BrideonaBudget (Twitter follower) Dear BrideonaBudget,Assuming your surprise guest is truly unexpected (rather than unwanted), I would apply the “Golden Rule.” Strive to greet this person as... Read More

10-flowers-indian-bride-groom-gorgeous William and Deciding on Your Color Scheme

One of the most important aspects of designing an event is selecting the color scheme. By deciding on a set palette you not only set the tone for the event’s ambiance, but you also let it be known that this... Read More