Tiny Invites That Make a Big Impression from Offbeat Bride

For those of you that want wedding invitations or Save the Dates that will REALLY make an impression, check out the World’s Smallest Post Service!


Pictured above are some of the custom wedding invitations that they’ve already created. My favorite are the Airmail wedding invitations.

From their site:
“These tiny blue and red striped airmail envelopes are just one inch wide! Inside, the wedding invitees found a tiny invitation with a hand-drawn typewriter on the front and a miniature folded map of the wedding location!”

Pictured below the Airmail invites are their Heart Stamp and California Poppy invitations. Both equally adorable!

The World’s Smallest Postal Service also does tiny packages as well. Check these out for some Save the Date inspiration:

I’m thinking, the compass and the Esc key would be great for destination weddings. And what about those dice for a Vegas or Gamer wedding?

Just think of the BIG impact you could make with these TINY packages from World’s Smallest Postal Service!

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