Tory and Cullen’s Elegant San Jose, CA Ranch Wedding by Adriana Klas Photography


This ranch wedding just goes to show you that you can always be elegant, even when surrounded by cows. Tory and Cullen (such fantastic names, right?) were married on her best friend’s family ranch. Very cool! Adriana Klas was on hand to take some spectacular photos (thanks for sharing)! below, Tory shares her thoughts about her wedding planning, which I really encourage you to read. I especially love the last paragraph–this gal definitely has her head on straight!


When planning the ceremony, my husband and I knew we wanted it to really tell our story, and we wanted people to walk away thinking it was a clear reflection of us as a couple. We decided the best way to accomplish that was to ask a friend to officiate the wedding. We asked a family friend to perform the ceremony, and he was able to talk about us and share our story as if we were just sitting at dinner with a few close friends.


My maid of honor is also the daughter of the ranch owner, so we really got married at my best friend’s house! J Everyone loved her speech, and so many guests told me they loved imagining us running around as 5 kids on the ranch property.


I wanted purple to be the colors because I felt it would really pop against the rich green grass on the lawn. I asked my bridesmaids to just find a purple dress that suited them, and it worked out better than I could have imagined with all the girls finding their perfect dress (and they also happened to match perfectly what are the odds?!).

Overall, my whole vision for this wedding was simple and sweet. I didn’t want to stress about the perfect centerpieces or that everything matched perfectly because I knew that those things weren’t important. What is important is the love my husband and I have for each other, and the love we have for our families and friends. I hope our guests left the wedding knowing how special they are to us.


Photographer: Adriana Klas Photography

Venue: Private Residence, Yerba Buena Ranch

Dress: Allure Bridal

Catering: Weir and Associates Catering

Event Planning: Bryerpatch Inc., Samantha Bryer

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