Trend We Love: Carnival Chic

couple-ferris-wheel-head-shots-64278couple-smiling-red-white-tents-64278couple-prize-wall-mabuscouple-merry-go-round-54296couple-mustaches-unicycle-craig-morrisoncouple-kissing-carnival-ride-123113ticket-invite-heather-jeanyhotdogs-skewers-tray-99033carnival-invitation-truly-notedYou may have noticed the growing trend of carnival themes lately. It seems like everything from engagement photo sessions to wedding favors have been influenced by the State Fair. If youv’e been trying to incorporate this trend into your wedding plans, you have probably noticed that there is a fine line between carnival chic and circus freak show.

A few helpful suggestions:
-Err on the side of muted tones. Rather than the traditional circus primary colors, use sky blue or light aqua, red, and a pale yellow.
-Don’t assume that this is just a reception idea. As you can see in the images above, taking your “day after” photo session to a carnival is also something that will provide you with an interesting and colorful backdrop.
-If you love this theme, but feel like it would interfere with the vision you have for your wedding day, use other pre-wedding events (note to Mother of the Grooms: rehearsal dinners are often overlooked as an excellent opportunity to plan a fun party without affecting the formality of the wedding).
-Provide continuity. Be subtle, but not minimalist. Add touches of this trend all around.

Photo Credit:
Ferris wheel, head cutouts photo: VCS Photography
Couple at game table photo: VCS Photography
Prize wall photo: Mabus Photography
Merry-go-round photo: Forever Photography
Fake mustache photo, unicycle Photo: Craig Morrison Portfolio
Kissing couple on carnival ride: Stone Blue Productions
Ticket invite: Heather Jeany Studios
Hot dogs: Josh Goleman Photography
Carnival invite: Truly Noted

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