A Vintage Engagement Shoot at the Beach from Hyer Images

I’m knee-deep in the middle of Royal Wedding madness over here (we have such fun stuff planned for the lead up, including posts from guest bloggers you are going to go gaga over) and while I love the drama of it all, Rebecca and Kevin’s windswept, beach engagement session from Hyer Images is a breath of fresh air. It’s just the two of them, sharing their love against some truly breath-taking back drops (there is one shot of a lighthouse in the background that is just to die for…).

Which is not to say that their session doesn’t involve some killer duds, including a very jaunty cap and bow tie worn by the groom; these two know how to rock different looks, and Hyer Images has done a fantastic job of using the different settings to complement their individual style.

Rebecca gives us insight into their proposal, their shoot and how she knew Kevin was the one – be sure to keep reading!

Rebecca’s Thoughts on Their Engagement
How did you two meet?
We met through a church group doing a project at a local University in our hometown. He rode up on his motorcycle and all I could see was his pretty green eyes through his helmet! We ended up doing several more events with the church group, and every time he would seek me out and we would talk, but he never asked me out! Finally after about four months of talking and flirting, I invited myself to a concert he was going to.

How did you know he/she was “the one”?
Long story short, I knew he was the one because he was the ONLY one my Dad liked! I know it sounds cliche, but I really did have the feeling of ‘just knowing,’ and I had never had that before with anyone. He fit all the criteria on ‘my list,’ and after meeting and falling in love with his family, I was sold!

Please, tell us about the proposal!
He did his best to re-create our first date in Nashville, TN, where we are both from. He took me to the same restaurant and concert venuethat we had gone to that first night. It was funny because the band was horrible, and we made fun of them the whole night! Afterward we went to the coffee shop that we had gone to after the show (and many more nights after that). The last part of the night he took me on the walking bridge over the river where you can see panoramic views of downtown Nashville, which was not part of our first date.  When we got to the top, he got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket that he had been holding onto for two weeks!

Anything special about the engagement shoot or why you chose the location you did?
Not long after Kevin proposed, he was offered and accepted a job in Charleston. While Nashville is truly the foundation of who we are as individuals, we knew that Charleston would be the beginning of our journey as a couple. We chose Folly Beach because it is one of the most beautiful places in our new home. Hyer Images spent some time with us as a couple, helping us pick out outfits and makeup for the shoot, which was a really fun process. The day of the shoot was amazing, and they made us feel like we where in our own little world! The pictures really speak of our love for each other and who we are as a couple.

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