Wedding Dress Trend: Statement Backs

Dear soon-to-be brides, we need to chat about something utterly essential to the fashions you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. Yes, your lovely white attire is on the agenda, but more specifically I’d like to mention a trend that is managing to make my jaw drop and my envy levels shoot straight through the roof: yes, I’m talking about statement backs. We touched on this topic a few weeks ago with our friends from Nordstrom Weddings, but I ended up in our ever-lovely ideas section just the other day and oh. My. Goodness. These dresses!

Let’s start with BHLDN. Because it’s probably impossible to go wrong by starting with BHLDN. The Laverne gown is one more bit of  gorgeous with a lace windowpane back to die for.

But Marchesa can be next. How absolutely incredible is that beading? And the buttons on top of it all? Absolutely lovely.

These gowns from Monique Lhuillier are another wonderful option for statement backs, and these almost-sheer details agree. But that’s probably enough talk. The gowns below are eye candy worth at least a thousand words apiece – and each and every one of them can be found in this little corner of in our ideas section. Hint: that little white dress at the bottom would be the ultimate getaway gown.

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