Wedding Whims: Autumnal Tablescapes and Bourbon

Alexa: There is just something about white that wins my heart every time.

Sarah: Using a white vase like this one can really accentuate the colors in a floral arrangement.

Anne: Completely agree, Sarah. It makes the flowers pop.

Alexa: A wishing tree is always a good idea.

Anne: I love this. A perfect place for guests to leave their well-wishes.

Alexa: Where was our invite to this one, ladies? That eggplant looks incredible with dahlias. Who knew?

Sarah: I crazy-adore this autumnal tablescape. Not regular adoration. Crazy adoration.

Anne: This entire table setting is so elegant. The dark colors, the candlesticks – and I especially love the water and wine glasses.

Alexa: It’s a big day for dad too. Love that this couple included a few of his favorite things.

Sarah: That telltale top of a Maker’s Mark bottle makes me very happy. There are few things better in this world than an Old Fashioned after a long event.


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