Wedding Whims: Beautiful Wreaths and Bright Palettes

Sarah: I love a coral and grey color palette. Grey keeps even the brightest colors looking elegant and refined.

Anne: And personal menus are such a fun touch!

Anne: This is a perfect capture by the photographer. And I’m in love with that wreath.

Sarah: Especially with holiday weddings right around the corner, wreaths are such a beautiful way to celebrate the season!

Sarah: An absolutely epic arrangement for brides having a purple wedding!

Anne: These shades of purple and white are beautiful for fall and winter weddings – and the lavender is a unique and beautiful plant to include in arrangements.

Anne: Everything in this photo is wonderful. The brick background, the windowpane seating chart and the Anthropologie-inspired letters. A perfect monogrammed touch!

Sarah: I think the thing I love most about this current trend of windowpane signage is the potential for reuse as home decor.

Anne: Lollipop favors! What a playful detail.

Sarah: Always, always, always yes to lollipops.

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