Wedding Whims: Crosswords and Cupcakes

Whether they’re the smallest of details or the personality-packed must-haves, your wedding whims are the discoveries you make that help you share your unique love story and wedding adventure. Lately, we’ve been collecting a few wedding whims of our own and we’d like to share them with you – along with a side of commentary, of course.

Alexa: Invitations always set the tone and this celebration looks really fun. Party dress packed.

Anne: It really is incredible how much invitations inform guests of your wedding style. This one is so simple but so lively at the same time.

Sarah: I’m a sucker for sparkle.

Alexa: I admit, mini pencils remind me of golf scorecards or Scantron surveys but a custom crossword about the couple’s love story makes this pencil look pretty adorable.

Anne: This would be a fun way to keep guests entertained between the ceremony and reception.

Sarah: I just want to know which poor bridesmaid had to tie on all of those tiny bows. She deserves a medal.

Alexa: We trust you’ve already said “I do,” but now it’s time to say hello to your reception guests.

Sarah: I love the incorporation of the book page. As a bookworm, I can’t get enough literary-inspired details!

Alexa: Always fun when you find a venue that allows you to incorporate the colors in the space into your decor.

Alexa: Best of both worlds. Cut your cake and have your cupcakes.

Anne: This trend is far and away a favorite of mine. All the fun of tradition, plus options! Because there’s no rule about sticking to one flavor of cupcake. Lemon, coconut, gluten free…

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