Wedding Whims: Floral Centerpieces and Decorative Bows

Anne: First of all, if this bow is edible I’m thoroughly impressed. Second, what a beautiful detail for your cake!

Sarah: I love the bow/brooch combo–especially for a wintry wedding.

Sarah: This centerpiece option is bold and simple all at the same time.

Anne: Sweet, simple, and playful – these bud-filled teacups are a fun way to incorporate flowers into your décor.

Sarah: What a beautifully lavish addition to the arch!

Anne: This arrangement would make a perfect piece of altar décor.

Anne: Love these bright linens. The color palette is great for a fall wedding.

Sarah: I am such a fan of these centerpieces. And the candlelight gives off that perfect warm and inviting mood.

Anne: I’m officially a sucker for dahlias. And billy balls. And berries. In fact, let’s just say this arrangement is wonderful and call it a day.

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