Wedding Whims: Portrait Back Dresses & Charming Centerpieces

Alexa: There is no other way to say it – this bouquet warms my heart.

Anne: The rustic elements and bright pops of yellow make this bouquet perfect for fall.

Sarah: The texture is just amazing. Definitely a showstopper.

Alexa: From head to train, these details are exquisite!
Anne: Beading, lace, and an open back? This is absolutely beautiful.

Alexa: Ranunculus, oh ranunculus!

Anne: I know. They’re a perfect accent flower, but I must admit I love them in bouquets all by themselves, too.

Sarah: You know what I always say ladies…I love ranunculus so much it’s radonkulous. And yes, that’s totally a word.

Alexa: Jasmine has mastered beauty and function with this gown’s detachable sleeves. Will you prefer the sweetheart or sleeved and portrait back style?

Anne: Swoon.

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