Wedding Whims: Pretty Dresses and Lemonade Stands

Alexa: Dare I say that these might be the perfect sleeves?

Anne: Yes, yes you may dare.

Anne: The details on these escort cards are incredible. And I love the idea of naming tables after flowers.

Sarah: These are just so well executed.

Alexa:  Tiers, tiers and more beautiful tiers!

Sarah: Layered skirts are so fashionable lately for brides. Perfect for the woman who wants volume, but not a princess gown.

Alexa: For kids and adults alike – just adorable!

Anne: Exactly. A grown-up take on a childhood tradition, the lemonade stand.

Sarah: This is sheer whimsy. And I love it.

Alexa: What lovely, personalized save the dates!

Anne: These are perfect. Sweet, simple, and beautifully illustrated.


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