Wedding Whims: S’mores Favors and Cozy Couches

Alexa: Brilliance.

Sarah: Creating inviting spaces for people to chat is a great way to set a relaxed and social mood at your reception.

Anne: I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. This looks so cozy for an outdoor reception.

Alexa: You two really do make the perfect thank you card. Enough said.

Anne: And a little burlap never hurt anyone.

Alexa: Still staring at those adorable little dimples… okay, the flower girl dress is wonderful too!

Sarah: I love the simplicity of her dress!

Anne: And the flower comb, too – a low-key take on the flower crown.

Alexa: Proof that even the most playful things can be made elegant.

Sarah: Yes. Always yes to s’mores favors.

Anne: This is a perfect parting gift for your guests – something sweet for them to remember your day by.

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