Wedding Whims: Statement Necklaces and Wooden Signs

Whether they’re the smallest of details or the personality-packed must-haves, your wedding whims are the discoveries you make that help you share your unique love story and wedding adventure. Lately, we’ve been collecting a few wedding whims of our own and we’d like to share them with you – along with a side of commentary, of course.

Sarah: I love statement necklaces with strapless dresses. And this one’s brooch detail is classic and elegant.

Alexa: Couldn’t agree more, Sarah. I have to think her gown is elegantly simple and complements this look perfectly!

Alexa: Really, what is not to love? That means you too, Badgley.

Sarah: Wedding signs don’t have to be expensive or complicated to be memorable. Hitchin’ post? Very clever!

Alexa: Hard not to smile at this one.

Sarah: Flags and diamonds?! Yes, please to both! Personalized flags make super easy DIY projects, too.

Alexa: Really masterful pairing of playful details and sophisticated decor! Love it!


All of these photos were found in our Ideas section.

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