Wedding Whims: Sundae Bars and Burlap Bunting

Whether they’re the smallest of details or the personality-packed must-haves, your wedding whims are the discoveries you make that help you share your unique love story and wedding adventure. Lately, we’ve been collecting a few wedding whims of our own and we’d like to share them with you – along with a side of commentary, of course.

Anne: These chalkboard placemats are so playful. I’d love to see them at a kid’s table, too.

Alexa: I admit I’m a minimalist myself so I love to see when one awesome decor detail can just pop.


Alexa: My invite must have gotten lost in the mail for this one… what’s not to love about a DIY dessert?

Sarah: Sundae bars are such a hit with the kiddies, too!


Alexa: As if bunting flags weren’t cute enough already… mini burlap bunting. Please and thank you.

Anne: Love small details like this. Rustic, simple, and oh-so-sweet.


Anne: Is anyone else picking up on the Alice In Wonderland vibe here? The tiny tarts,teapot and clock are garden party perfect. And I’m obsessed with those Juliet roses.

Sarah: Just remember, if you are going for a DIY wedding, save the macarons for the experts. I tried making them once, and it was a disaster.

Alexa: Is it weird that this just made me feel healthier? There is such a sense of peace and tranquility in the beautiful browns and greens!

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