Wedding Whims: Yummy Sliders and Pretty Succulents

Sarah: This centerpiece is so interesting–the combo of leafy veggie and branches is very dynamic.

Anne:  Love this food display! I’m getting hungry just looking at it.

Anne:  Seriously, did I mention that all of this is making me hungry? I like the handheld approach to food shown here.

Sarah:  Yes, I could definitely go for one of these BBQ pork sliders right about now.

Anne:  Be still my heart – succulents and illustrated table numbers? I’m kind of obsessed.

Sarah:  I knew you would love this, Anne. It’s sweet and feminine, but still has that slightly rustic quality.

Sarah:  I’m a big fan of making information interesting. So if you need to tell guests where to go, do it with style!

Anne:  This sign is so fun! I really like how handmade it looks.

Sarah:  Gray dresses are pretty much my very favorite, and they always make flowers pop!

Anne:  The textures and colors in this bouquet are breathtaking. So soft and bright all at once.

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