Wedding Whims: Amazing Cakes and Tiny Clothespins

Alexa: I must admit, sometimes I have a greater fondness for the cake stands than the cake but these look delicious.

Anne: Cake stands, yes please, but look at the texture on the white cake! I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat something so pretty.

Sarah: I could. I really could.

Alexa: There is always something so intimate about the bride’s bouquet. Love that this personalized locket carries a story to the altar.

Anne: The blue and white ribbon is the perfect complement. Simple, but still tied to the nautical theme.

Sarah: Brides are often looking for ways to honor relatives that have passed. Something like this is a perfect way to hold those loved ones close on such a special day.

Alexa: You had me at billy balls and clothespins… sea foam green clothespins nonetheless! The power of the simplest details is always amazing for any wedding event.

Anne: And the tags! Love a good luggage tag seating card.

Alexa: The impact of flower petals is always amazing. Any bride deserves to walk down an aisle of rose petals.

Sarah: This would be so pretty for a tropical destination wedding.

Alexa: Each of our handwriting styles is such a reflection of us – chalk details like this always seem to just be so personally inviting!

Anne: Agreed. And chalkboards are just one trend that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of. I’m not sure how such a familiar detail manages to look so unfailingly pretty and modern, but I’m in love.

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