What Should be in the Ceremony Program?


What needs to be in the ceremony program?

Include information about the service that some guests may not be familiar with.  For example, some religious ceremonies attended by non-religious guests may make your guests feel uncomfortable if they feel unprepared or ignorant of the ceremonial customs.  Briefly explain any elements of your ceremony that might cause confusion, and indicate clear instructions about what to do and when.

List the order of the ceremony.  Particularly if your ceremony is long, you might want to prepare guests for that ahead of time with a schedule.

Show the titles, authors, and artists for any music or reading during the ceremony.You have, undoubtedly, spent hours laboring over the perfect music for your ceremony–let your guest know your choices.

If any of the ceremony is in a foreign language to a substantial amount of your guests, offer translations of those passages.

At the bottom or on the back of the program, you can send a note of thanks to those that have helped with the wedding. Do not include wedding vendors in this list.

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