What’s Your Something Blue?

Blue flat shoes laying on designed carpet.
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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – that’s the old wedding adage, right? If you’re unsure about what your “something blue” is going to be – take a few hints from the following list. Surely it’ll spark a few ideas for you.

Blue Undies – A fun choice for many brides is to invest in a pair of blue panties. Try them on under your dress before your wedding to make sure they don’t show through!

Hanky Panky – Many brides carry a blue handkerchief or have a white handkerchief embroidered with blue thread.

Embroider it Blue – Speaking of embroidery, you can also have the inside of your dress embroidered with your new initials or some other inspiring message.

Blue Bag – Opt for a blue clutch or purse to take along with you to the reception.

Jewelry – There are many beautiful blue stones including: sapphires, lapis, aquamarine, turquoise, chalcedony, and tanzanite to name a few.

Sash – A blue sash will look stunning with your gown just as long as the style of your dress accommodates.

Wedding Gown – If blue is your color, consider purchasing a blue – hued dress for your wedding day. Even just a slight tint of blue will do.

Blue (Suede?) Shoes – Suede or not, blue shoes are all the rage.

Blue Bouquet – There are many beautiful blue flower choices including: Hyacinth, Delphiniums, Statice and Sea Holly.

Veil – A blue veil? Yep, they’re out there. If you’re more of the traditional type, you’ll find white veils with blue edging as well.

Blue Tattoo – A temporary tattoo, of course, (or a real one if you desire.) This is fun way to incorporate blue into your day. Who knows, you may even inspire your husband to get one too!

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Bradford Bradford is the founder/editor of the design blog "The Bedlam of Beefy" and, with a background in fine arts, loves the endless creative possibilities with weddings. He loves a good DIY project and, even though he absolutely knows better than to consider it, dreams about making his own wedding cake.

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