When to Take Wedding Pictures


Often, the easiest time to take the wedding party pictures is before the ceremony. The makeup and hair is impeccable, the suits haven’t wrinkled, and the guests haven’t arrived.  Photographers can also take what is known as “first look” pictures’the first time the couple sees each other in their wedding attire. Understandably, as easy as this might be, many brides don’t choose this because they want their “first look” to be at the ceremony.

An easy compromise to this is to ask the photographer to shoot a partial session before the ceremony. They can take pictures of all members of the wedding party, their families, and then the pictures with either the bride or groom. That way, all that is left is the pictures with the couple.

Completing the majority of the pictures before the ceremony allows the couple to spend the most time possible with their guests, and at the reception.

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