William Fogler Talks About Color Matching and Balance

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I am doing Eggplant and Cornflower, Eggplant being the main color- how can I use cornflower as my accent color without everything being too matchy, matchy? – Karen Marie, Facebook fan

Dear Miss Marie,

You have selected a very rich and versatile color combination for your wedding design. Depending on the season and style you are going to have many options with this scheme.

A few ideas to consider:

– Get crazy. Add a bit of turquoise, hot pink or orange for a punch. They’ll bring the combination to life (depending, of course, on the look you are going for).
– Balance the combination out with a neutral, such as white, cream or silver.
– Switch it around by alternating your dominant and accent colors, so cornflower would occasionally be your dominant color with a touch of eggplant.
– Try going monochromatic, using pretty much all eggplant with just a hint of cornflower or vice versa.

Above all, don’t worry about being matchy-matchy and just have fun with your colors. Mix in a little color surprise here and there and you will be sure to impress.

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