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CHECKLIST (Sticky Post)

CHECKLIST (Sticky Post)

Reception Venue - shortlisted; for ocular inspection
?Sound System
?Event Stylist
After-party Venue - shortlisted
Caterer - shortlisted
Cake - shortlisted
?Mobile Bar
?Dessert Bar
Photographer - shortlisted
Back-up Photographers - relatives/friends
Free-nup (FREE Pre-nup) Photographers - relatives/friends
Album Layout - M's sister
Parents Album - already have voucher for 2
Videographer - booked; downpayment paid
Projector & Screen (3000-4000 lumens)
M's gown - shortlisted
M's shoes
R's barong
R's shoes
Entourage's gowns
Rings - paid downpayment (yata! secret daw eh)
Candles + matches - semi-DIY
Cord - DIY
Favors - shortlisted
?Prenup Stylist
Main Invites - DIY
Reception Cards - DIY
STD Cards - DIY
WYB Cards - DIY
Engagement Invites - DIY
Message/Wishing Tags - DIY
OTD Coordinator
Hotel for preps
Meals for preps
Bridal car
Emcee - relatives
Honeymoon - surprise

Button or brooch bouquet (hopefully)
Set-up for onsite studio
Cocktail hour

1st Bridal Gown Fitting

In search for the perfect cut of my wedding gown, Kate (my work colleague) made an appointment at Jonathan's Bridal for my very first gown fitting.

I sooo loved the gown that I fitted first; then the gown I fitted 3rd, and the gown I fitted last! As soon as I got home, I immediately searched on the bridal shop's website for the photos of the gowns I like.. I only found 2.

Take a look at the photo gallery for the photos of the gowns; let me tell you though they look soooo much better than the photos.


Venue Update

R and I have decided to hold our wedding at either QC or Manila (and not Las Piñas anymore). The reason being:
1) My mom would be the first to object to Las Piñas, since we live in QC;
2) I haven't found a lot of photos of my-once-non-negotiable Nature Church (Mary Immaculate Parish); and
3) Good reception venues in Las Piñas cost heaps.

So, in search for our reception venue, it has to be high-ceiling (R's non-negotiable) and close to, if not THE, after-party venue. Oh, and it has to be affordable (now, what's affordable for you may not be affordable for us).

We'll be doing ocular inspections by June/July and hopefully they can already accomodate us. If our Option A turns out to be good, then we might book it already; then do ocular inspection for the after-party venue.


Personalized Napkins

Last January, I read a post at W@W about personalized napkins; and I knew then I want to have one. Since the wedding is in 2013 and I want to have the napkins soon, I decided to order some for the Pamamanhikan.

After 6 weeks, the package finally arrived! Whew! Im so glad I ordered them. I want the details of the Pamamanhikan to be as personalized as the wedding's.


Engagement Invites : DONE

I finally am done with our engagement invites. After months of debating with my other personalities, the M that everyone else knows has finally decided on what to place in front of the card aside from the rings.

I only made 6 invites. It is Pamamanhikan anyway, and by tradition only the "elders" (sorry for the lack of proper term) go. So the invites will go to: 1)Itay, 2)Tita Nati, 3)Tita Tessie, and 4)Kuya Alvin & Ate Joyce (no, I did not mean you two are elders din). Two will either serve as a souvenir for the scrapbook that I will be making for the wedding preps OR go to our respective families; except if R will be asking some of his other relatives to go.

If you would like to see what the engagement invite looks like, take a look at the photo gallery.

I tried my best not to have a 'girly' invite, but I guess I somehow failed. I have already printed the inside page when I realized it was too pink. Leason learned. I will let my sister DIY our wedding invites.


Proposed Concept for the Wedding Video

• Feature the things that I am so passionate of: schools –the schools that we came from, including Science High of course (books related to business, certificates gained from attending any special study & TOR & diploma), hobbies (sports –bike, basketball & all accessories between, camera –including all that I had secured, quicksilver –hahaha!), passion for family, interview from some of those who had witnessed my enthusiasm for these things, & speedy slideshow of few photos of all these things.

• Feature the things that you adore & endeavor yourself into too: schools too (I would like to see Mommy’s comment of you choosing to be an audio, not a surgeon) while the video is running featuring medical books & maybe the look of UST (include the college by the way, sorry I don’t have), your unforgiveable feet that are always on the streets (the outgoing Misu), clothes & shoes, I might say, that you are investing on, thousand smiles (best smile ever), passion for family, interview also from some people that had seen you grew, & speedy slideshow reverse in order showing all of your things.

• Then, the preparation proper. I would say let’s start w/ going to the gym, having a full body scrub, and then showing the set of our clothes.

• & so, the day itself. Me awaken by Tutuy & you awaken by the Baby (wacky, I suggest), putting on the make-up & dress/clothes, & the wedding proper (few clips randomly selected, combination of so serious & a lot of smiles).

• Or maybe us meeting each other in a theme park, celebrating life & looking in a far distant. Maybe a good clip can be taken from here showing me being in STUT, while you also in a video showing your life in Australia. Then we meet in Manila, go to a restaurant as if we are dating, a surprise waiting for you at a balcony of a beautiful resort , then after we will look at the clear-blue ocean & the surroundings around it, a picture/vision of our future.



R is more hands-on than what I was expecting. While chatting earlier about the need to already make an appointment with the videographer we want, he told me he's starting to have headaches! Hahahaha. I told him not to worry though, as I will be presenting him with already-shortlisted list of suppliers. Besides, our wedding won't be until 2013!


Pre-Nup Shots

Just posting my pre-nup ideas just so I won't forget them:
ANSci - with our HS uniforms.
Picnic theme - VMMC sana coz this place holds a special place in our hearts.
Themepark / Playground theme - 1st option is playground than themepark, pero nauna ang themepark kasi mas bonggalicious (pero mas doable ang playground).
Beach - first date is Bay's Inn, hello?!
Cafe - night scene with serious faces.
Gym - I just thought of this last night while I was at the gym, looking at myself sweating in front of the mirror.



I have found a videographer that we can afford - and fiance already approved of it.

R and I were video-chatting earlier and was telling me things and asking me stuff about the pamamanhikan on June. But I am thinking waaaaay more advance than that, and asked him about the wedding.

And so, I showed him this link of the videographer I was eyeing on (since we cannot afford 'THE' Jason M) and he loved his work. He asked me about the rate, and his reply was "Ang mura!". So there, I am already tempted to email 'our' videographer, but would want to wait a bit further since we haven't decided on what time the wedding will be exactly, and where the reception will be held. Besides, am already having second thoughts about Nature Church for the simple fact that we are non-parishioners, and Nature Church requires non-parishioners who hold the wedding ceremony there to have the reception at Nature's Cafe.


Wedding Cake

Someone offered to sponsor our wedding cake. Thank you, Ms Mary Ann Soria!!!

It was just a casual conversation while we were discussing about the Papal Blessing at which time I was asking her how I will obtain one (Ms Mary Ann used to be a nun). She then asked me what type of cake I wanted - I showed her the photos of this cake I want to have ever since I saw it (good thing my fiance approved of it, would've considered another one otherwise) - asked how much it would cost, and then told me, " Okay, ako na ang bahala sa cake nyo.". OMG


Guest List.2

I already have my guest list months ago. Finally, my fiance decided to make his final list. The reason? He's going to Taiwan for a 2-year scholarship program, and he told me we'll get married the year he finishes OR the year after. Knowing him, he'd get busy on his studies and forget about making his guest list which will definitely end up with cramming. That's what I told him last night. And that same night, he finally made one.

I just printed it today, still on the process of adding more into his, and deducting A LOT in mine! :-)


Hands-On Groom

Imagine my joy everytime my fiance talks about his plans for our wedding. I have this thinking that it is mostly the bride who thinks of specifics when it comes to details, but my fiance is surely not one of them.

In one of our recent SMS exchanges last week, he pointed these out:
- the emcees should be someone close to us;
- he wanted me to have a compeletely different dress for the ceremony and the reception [this one I have already thought of for some time, because I'm being thrifty kuripot having realized how much reception would cost, that I will be wearing the same gown for both. Think about the 'cobweb' overlay dress Rica Peralejo had during her wedding earlier this year - something like that in longsleeves during the ceremony; and short sleeves (because I still want to hide my huge arms) during the reception. My heart is still set on that, maybe I can get my fiance to approve once he finds the 'difference' in the short/long sleeves. *wink*];
- would hate having to literally drag people just for that bouquet & garter toss;
- would love to have par-tay!!


Church + Reception

I went on a 3-week vacation to the Philippines last December-January, and my fiance and I decided to do our ocular inspection on 'our' church. It was really nice, what with the open space and greenery!

And I already have in mind some places where we can hold the reception - subject to rates - Bellevue, Vivere Suites, Parque Espana.. Suggestions, anyone?


Wedding March

I have been longing for my Dad to walk me down the aisle since I was little, that is until he died in 2003.

I would've loved the song "Sing me your song again, Daddy" but would that still be appropriate when it is only my mom (yes, I don't want an uncle to walk me down the aisle) who will be sending me to the arms of my future husband?


Ring Etiquette

My fiance and I have been long debating about where to place the wedding ring. We have, in the past, decided that the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Months later, with his friend getting married, he is now in doubt. I, on the other hand, still stick to what I know.

This is what I found on the net:
Modern tradition dictates that the engagement ring be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.
Traditionally, the wedding band is worn closest to the heart. Because of this, most women slide their wedding band on first and then place the engagement ring on top of that.

Something I read years ago, and what I told my fiance:
There was an ancient belief that a vein, known as the vena amoris (vein of love), ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart.

Also, a forwarded e-mail, which I'm sure most of you have already received. (N.B> While we both agree, and all of you would, that the wedding/engagement rings are worn on the ring finger, I still want to share this):
There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese.....
Thumb represents your Parents
Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings
Middle finger represents your-Self
Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner
Last (Little) finger represents your children

Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together - back to back.
Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip to tip.
Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong,and have to leave you sooner or later.
Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers(representing siblings)...., they will also open, because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate lives.
Now join the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing your children)...., they will open too, because the children also will get married and settle down on their own some day.
Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers (representing your spouse). You will be surprised to see that you just CANNOT....., because Husband & Wife have to remain together all their lives - through thick and thin!!


Getting Ready

I already have gazillions of magazines with post-it notes on what I want incorporated in the wedding - gowns, cakes, souvenirs.. It is never too early to start the preps, I guess. The only thing I need to consider is having a plan B on everything. Why?

Well, to start off with, several years ago, I have in mind that my flower girls would wear wings so they'd look like fairies. In 2004, my cousin got married, and his then-bride-to-be (now his wife), wanted the same thing. So their flower girls wore yellow wings (their motif was yellow and green) with glitters in them.

Some months earlier, I want a chocolate-brown-slash-pink as the motif. Weeks after, my cousin told me she wanted brown and pink for their wedding next year. I am one of the bridesmaids, so I guess I will be wearing the brown-pink combination gown and not my bridesmaids..

Third, as you've read in my photo gallery, I wanted individually-wrapped cakes so that the guests can also enjoy them, not to mention thay can serve as wedding favours. I saw the pictures of one of my cousin's wedding earlier this year, and even though their wedding cake wasn't the individually-wrapped ones, they were cupcakes - individual cupcakes forming the different layers.


Wedding Month

I told my fiance once that I wanted our wedding to be on December - near Christmas and his birthday.

He told me once that he wanted our wedding to be on June - near my birthday, our anniversary, not to mention that June is the "wedding month" in the Philippines.

We'll settle that once we are starting with our preps.


Wedding Dance

My fiance mentioned he would like us to dance swing on our wedding day.

Several months before, I mentioned about wanting Michael Buble's songs for our dance. He said maybe we'll find something else when the wedding day is near.
A week ago, I saw "The Wedding Date" on TV.

Few days ago, I told him again how I wanted Michael Buble's song. He replied "Everything? It's hard to put swing steps in Everything.". With that I said, "Not Everything. I forgot the title but I'll text you one day when it comes to mind.".

Today, I remember the title: Sway. I'll be texting him later. ;-)


Guest List

My fiance sent me an SMS one night saying his guest list is now up to 80. Since then, I have tried to trim down my guest list as well. From 130 - it is now down to 96!

I also asked him if we can each provide only PHP75K for the wedding - he says i'm too kuripot!!